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The current release of gpgpwd is 0.4

gpgpwd release tarballs are signed with gpg by the author, Eskild Hustvedt, using the key 4096R/7374A722.

Download gpgpwd 0.4 (tar.bz2) (MD5: 5e857b35b5ddc462823aeba8566f7fd2, gpg signature)

Show instructions on installing dependencies
Dependency installation instructions
Debian-based distributions:
apt-get install libjson-perl libtry-tiny-perl gnupg xclip git
Arch-based distributions:
pacman -S perl-json perl-try-tiny gnupg xclip git
Fedora- or Mageia-based distributions:
yum install perl-JSON perl-Try-Tiny gnupg xclip git

Show older releases
Older releases:
Download gpgpwd 0.3 (tar.bz2) (MD5: 25db8985a0b1f51490d82242be29efdd, gpg signature)
Download gpgpwd 0.2 (tar.bz2) (MD5: 44c42886175debf2db6af35c9072cd4d, gpg signature)
Download gpgpwd 0.1 (tar.bz2) (MD5: e53b07f3f250b572641e3080c950af9a, gpg signature)
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